Service Dogs Making the News


A very interesting article that helps to share the importance of public respect for service dogs and service dogs in training. Enjoy!

Teen With Epilepsy Warns Of Serious Consequences When Strangers Pet Service Dogs Without Permission.


New Service Dog Kennel- from foundations to a new center


Circle Tail, for the past few years, has been working to develop a new Service Dog kennel that would be equipped to handle the needs of our Service Dogs in training. From whelping new pups to providing a calm, peaceful living environment for puppies to grow up into working adults, the kennel was a tremendous success. The kennel is finally up and working but as we look back over the past few months, the kennel has certainly been a working progress. Here are some of the pictures following the development of our wonderful new kennel. DSCF4025 DSCF4026 DSCF4027 DSCF4028

Feeding Frenzy- Feeding the Canine Athlete



Feeding your dog can always be a challenge with the plethora of options on the market today. Check out this article, linked in the URL below, in the New York Times about feeding your active canine- it has some great research points that were done in a study at Cornell Veterinary School.

Shepherds are growing up…


A few months ago a litter of German shepherd puppies and their mom arrived at Circle Tail’s rescue in need of a little TLC- Training, love and care. Since their arrival they have grown into some very beautiful german shepherds and are continually working on their skills. One, Kivalina, was adopted by Circle Tail founder Marlys Staley, while her brother and sister Stebbins & Katovik are waiting for their forever homes. Ticasuk is a very special girl for two reasons, she was the only all black shepherd of the litter and she’s also in our service dog training program. Below are some of the most recent pictures of our shepherds.  For more information on Stebbins and Katovik check them out on Petfinder or Circle Tail’s adoption site.

DSCF4035 DSCF4037 DSCF4038 DSCF4039 DSCF4047 DSCF4049 DSCF4014 DSCF4008 DSCF4031 DSCF4032 DSCF4033


Golden Opportunity- New golden puppies enter the service training program



These little cuties arrived at Circle Tail a few weeks ago after making the long trek from New Horizon’s Service Dogs in Florida. Some kind volunteers brought these two siblings up and we are so excited to have them as a new part of our service dog training team. We will be keeping updates on these two little cuties as well as our other service trainee puppies. So far they have been adjusting well to life at Circle Tail and are a hit on our Facebook site. The female has been named Sky and the male has been named River. 

golden arrival

Golden arrival- Marlys Staley, founder of Circle Tail, greets the Eastlakes who made the long flight with out two little cuties. Thank you Eastlakes!!

Golden puppies